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The Power of Friendship

Friends. They are a sounding board for ideas, someone to laugh with, cry with, are there to support us through thick and thin. There are all kinds of friendships throughout life, and they have more influence on who we are and what makes us tick then we realize. Have you ever thought about the role friendships play in your life?

We often find friends through proximity, school, work, church and clubs are common places to find people of similar interests and values as yourself. This is how friendship starts, with an initial common ground that acts as the spring board for growing relationships. These types of friends can make our current interests even stronger, and even introduce us to more people and ideas, broadening our horizons. A healthy friendship will help us feel like we belong, reduces stress and supports the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Friends can even help us make a healthy lifestyle change, it is easier to try a new class at the gym if you have a buddy to go with. Humans are inherently social beings, and having friends helps boost confidence to try new things, since we don’t have to try them alone.

Maintaining friendships on the other hand can be challenging. Especially adult friendships when family and work obligations seem to get in the way. Friendships and family don’t  have to clash, blending the two can go a long way in supporting both relationships. Having couple friends that you and a significant other can spend time with, as well as family friends are ways that you can still be social and maintain friendships, as well as spend time with your family and loved ones. Making friends with other parents at your child’s school not only bolsters your social circle but sets an example of healthy friendships to your child.

Always remember to reach out, listen and be open, embrace kindness, make time and you will be on your way to healthy, supportive friendships that last a lifetime.


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