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Stroke Awareness Day

Today is Monday Oct. 29, 2018. A normal day for many of us, but also an important day for those who have suffered from, or know someone who has suffered a stroke. Today is stroke awareness day, and is aimed at knowing what exactly a stroke is, the warning signs, and how to join the stroke awareness movement.

There are two types of strokes that can effect a person, an Ischemic or a Hemorrhagic. The Ischemic stroke is more common and accounts for 87% of stroke cases, while the Hemorrhagic accounts for only 13% of cases. The major difference between the two types is that the Ischemic stroke occurs due to an obstruction in a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain. A Hemorrhagic stroke is the result of ruptured blood vessel in the brain that then causes internal bleeding in the brain.

To help prevent a stroke from happening the first thing is to know your own risk factors. If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol your risk fro stroke may be higher. To help lessen this risk maintain a physically active lifestyle, keep a healthy diet low in sodium to help regulate blood pressure, limit alcohol consumption and avoid cigarette smoke. It is also integral to know the warning signs of a stroke to help those who may be experiencing one get help immediately. The sooner a person suffering a stroke gets medical attention the better chances for survival are.

Think FAST when looking for the warning signs of a stroke:

F – Face : check the face, is their mouth drooping?

A – Arms : can they lift both arms?

S – Speech : is speech slurred, can they understand you?

T – Time : call local emergency services, 911, and go to the hospital immediately


For more information about the World Stroke Campaign, and for how to join and support their movement visit their website at :