Quit Smoking at our FREE class!

Do you want to quit smoking, but don’t know how?

If you want to quit smoking, but don’t know how, or haven’t had luck in the past, this class is for you! Even better, classes are offered for FREE as part of a community awareness program sponsored by the Harold H. Bate Foundation, the North Carolina Community Foundation and The CCHC Foundation. Our instructor, Dr. Ronald Preston, has helped hundreds of people successfully break the habit. For four evenings June 1st-4th (one hour each evening), you’ll learn how and why you need to quit smoking today! Valuable information will be shared about addiction as well as links between smoking and life-threatening diseases. Individuals who have completed this class have been successful in breaking the habit and we want to help you too!

Session II: June 1, 2, 3 and 4 from 6-7pm

This is a FREE event! Please bring a friend, spouse or significant other. For more information, contact Stacie Barnett at 252.672.9690 or you can register below:




Here’s what other people had to say:


“I am on my way to quitting and feel sure with what Dr. Preston has presented that I will accomplish my goal very soon.” ~ Vonda W.

“I will recommend this program to family and friends.” ~ Carolyn J.

“Very thankful for Dr. Preston using his time to present this class to the public. I may come next session and bring friends.” ~ Mike B.

“Very informative and helpful. Regret I did not see this sooner.” ~ Dorothy R.

“Interesting, eye opening, well-presented. Glad I attended, feel that I will continue to be successful.” ~ Tom O.

“I thought Dr. Preston did a great job. I am a nurse and hadn’t realized all the problems that smoking will and has harmed my body.” ~ Beverly O.

“I wish the workshop was longer. The doctor was great.” ~ Denise S.

“More information than I had previously received. Ver, very convincing! I am FINALLY quitting!” ~ Angela S.

“Seminar was very informative. Thank you Dr. Preston!” ~ Brenda H.

“Workshop was very informative.” ~ Barbara W.

“I had quit before the workshop, but workshop helped me to keep going.” ~ Allen A.

“Shocking without being dictative. Showed facts – helped me draw my conclusion to QUIT.” ~ Karen S.

“I plan to stop before Labor Day. Very good. Learned a lot.” ~ Barbara R.

“I have attended other cessation classes at work. This class was by far the best and made me want to quit more. I have smoked for 41+ years.” ~ Alan C.

“I am so happy I attended.” ~ Jamie P.

“Really enjoyed!” ~ Florence B.

“Very good presentation.” ~ Shirley S.

“Thank you so much for doing this program. I found it to be very informative and I really learned a lot. Thank you.” ~ Gale E.

“I always knew cigarettes were bad, but I had no idea just how bad they are. After learning what was covered in the seminar, I don’t see how cigarettes can be legal.” ~ Greg C.

“I was not excited about coming, but after the first session, I knew I had to keep coming. Thank you!” ~ Regina C.