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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice – Fall Foods that Boost your Health

That chill is in the air, and while we are all clamoring for our jackets and comfort food, don’t forget about those classic fall flavors that benefit your heath as well. Cinnamon, turmeric, apples, squash and pumpkin all have a multitude of health benefits, more than just making us feel warm inside. Today we’re sharing the best of these benefits that will keep you energized and healthy through this season!

In peak season right now are Apples. Known for the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” they are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients known to benefit mental health. They also play a key role in fighting Free Radicals. Free Radicals are molecules in our environment that cause damage to living cells, and increase our susceptibility to diseases. By having a diet rich in antioxidants (found in many fruits and vegetables) we can help prevent against the damage caused by Free Radicals. So the saying may be true, eating an apple could potentially cause a few less trips to the doctors office.

More fall favorites packed with antioxidants are pumpkins and squash. They also contain flavonoids which have been shown to help protect against cancer. Pumpkin and squash are also relatively low in calories with only about 30 calories per cup. They also have large amounts of Vitamin A that helps keep skin looking radiant and beautiful as well as maintaining healthy vision.

Cinnamon and Turmeric are old world spices that are having a moment in the health world right now. (Turmeric Latte’s anyone?) Both of these ancient spices are fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. They help reduce joint and muscle pain and can even be used to supplement prescribed medication for arthritis. Both cinnamon and turmeric can help reduce bad cholesterol levels while stabilizing good cholesterol, making them extremely heart healthy spices.As always talk to your doctor before incorporating these into your diet to see if their benefits are right for you. Cinnamon and Turmeric are found in many fall recipes from baked goods to warming and exotic curries, perfect for a cool fall day.

Get out and enjoy the great weather that comes with fall, don’t forget to add in those in season fruits, veggies and spices that give fall its classic flavor and benefit your health too!