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Heart & Vascular Specialists Leader in Single- and Dual-Chamber Pacemakers

CCHC Heart and Vascular Specialists Implant Single- and Dual-Chamber Pacemakers With FDA-Approved for MRI Scan Until now, pacemaker patients with single chamber devices had to forego MRI scans due to possible complications CCHC completed the first implant of a pacemaker system in the Carolinas that is FDA-approved for use with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, under certain restrictions in…

Kim Hess wins “I Love that Lady” Award

Congratulations to our very own Kim Hess who is the 2015 recipient of the “I Love This Lady” award! Kim was nominated by her peers for her dedication and compassion for others through her work at Journey of Hope Cancer Support Center and CCHC New Bern Cancer Care. We are so proud of you and all…

March is National Kidney Month

Are Your Kidneys Trying to Tell You Something? Even though they’re vital to our health kidneys don’t often get the attention they deserve. Learn the symptoms of kidney disease, treatment, and what you can do now to prevent serious issues in the future. Located just below the ribcage, the kidneys filter approximately 120 to 150…

Sweet Dreams Elusive for Many Americans

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 2-8 Most Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Why? Life just seems too busy: We wake up early to get the kids off to school (all while drinking copious amounts of coffee); drive them to school; drive another 30 minutes to work; work a full eight- or nine-hour day (while…