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Health Care Opens Stable Career Path, Taken Mainly by Women

In 1980, 1.4 million jobs in health care paid a middle class wage: $40,000 to $80,000 a year in today’s money. Now, the figure is 4.5 million. The pay of registered nurses — now the third-largest middle-income occupation and one that continues to be overwhelmingly female — has risen strongly along with the increasing demands…

Bring more “happy” into your life for a healthier heart

Smile…Your Heart Will Smile with You Beauty may only be skin deep, but happiness apparently goes much deeper. A recent study, funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Center for Research Resources, discovered those with a positive outlook on life are more likely to have a healthier heart. The study…

2nd Annual National Cancer Survivors Day

The CCHC Foundation’s Journey of Hope is hosting the 2nd Annual National Cancer Survivors Day on June 7th at Craven Community College. We are currently looking for cancer survivors or caregivers who are interested in sharing talents on stage. If you can sing, dance, skit, perform stand up comedy, etc., WE WANT YOU!!! Skits are only…

Strike a Pose: Yoga Benefits Heart Health

Yoga consists of slowly stretching the body into a variety of poses while focusing on breathing and meditation. Many practitioners enjoy it to help them relax and increase flexibility, but an added plus is what yoga can do for the heart. While it doesn’t replace doctor-recommended aerobic activity, it could help lower blood pressure, improve…