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Man with enhanced spinal column, rear view
Inflammatory Back Pain

Inflammatory back pain by: James Perruquet, MD CCHC New Bern Internal Medicine Specialists Low back pain is one of the most common complaints seen in the primary care office. It is reported that at least 80% of the general population will at one time or another during their lifetime experience significant back pain. The vast…

Mama și fiul

Mama și fiul în filme porno sunt un subiect atât de fierbinte și ar trebui să fie așa. Știm că mămicile sunt unele dintre cele mai importante persoane din viața unui copil. Îi ajută să-i crească și să-i învețe ceea ce este bine sau rău. Este trist faptul că mulți adulți simt că nu pot…

CCHC Healthcare Urgen Care Summer, New Bern
Summer Safety Can Prevent Common Accidents

The kids are out of school and it’s 4th of July weekend! With fun-filled family trips, summer camps, lazy days at the pool or at the beach, and hours of fun riding bikes or playing at the playground with friends in the neighborhood, our children are looking forward to lots of fun—without a second thought…

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A Man’s Man Knows When to Call the Doctor

June is Men’s Health Month! A Man’s Man Knows When to Call the Doctor Men are notorious for avoiding doctor visits. You often see yourself as tough, rugged, and able to overcome any challenge. But, too often, this cavalier attitude can have serious health consequences that affect you…and your entire family.