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June is National Hernia Awareness Month!

Are You Ignoring the Symptoms of a Hernia? Each year, hernias affect millions in this country. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately five million Americans have a hernia, but only 750,000 Americans seek treatment each year. National Hernia Awareness Month is observed each June to raise public awareness about hernias and effective…

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day Kick the Habit! CCHC Has a Free Way to Help written by Holly Collins The public has long known about the dangers that come with smoking. Tobacco use seriously impacts the health of the smoker and family and friends who are exposed to second-hand smoke. According to the…

May 11-15 is National Neuropathy Week!

What is Neuropathy? Know the Symptoms and When to Seek Help written by Holly Collins The term neuropathy refers to diseases or malfunctions of the nerves. Any nerves in any location in the body can be damaged from injury or disease. Neuropathy is often classified according to the types or location of nerves affected and…

May 11 is National Women’s Checkup Day!

Attention Ladies: Put Yourself and Your Health First written by Holly Collins As women we often put the needs of our children and other family members ahead of our own. We give up sleep to care for a sick child; we give up the last piece of cake because someone else wants it; and we…