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How to help prevent hearing loss, make listening safe, CCHC health care, new bern nc
Turn Down for what?

“I love this song! Turn it up!” It’s a phrase we have all said at least once in our lives and can actually be damaging our ability to hear. How loud is too loud, and ways to keep the tunes rolling while also preventing hearing loss. Did you know that 1.1 billion people between the…

the flu versus the cold, cchc health care, new bern nc
Flu V. Cold

Cold and Flu season is upon us, as the cold weather outside is keeping us trapped indoors, it seems as though its harder to stay away from sickness. Many will end up with the common cold, but it is often hard to distinguish whether you have a cold or the Flu. Knowing the difference is…

Winter sports safety, concussion prevention, traumatic brain injury, concussion pre screening, CCHC health care, new bern nc, eastern nc
Winter Sports Safety

The Holidays are over but winter hasn’t ended just yet! There is still plenty of time to hit the slopes, ice rink and even those backyard hills, but be ware of these winter injuries and how to help prevent them! Skiing, sledding, snow boarding and ice hockey can cause a multitude of injuries from hypothermia…

new years resolutions, health choices, 2019, cchc health care, new bern nc
New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions, we all seem to make these every year and while some are easy to follow through on, others fall by the wayside. We’ve put together some ways to help you stay dedicated to even the toughest New Years Resolution. Set a series of smaller more attainable goals: A lot of us lose…