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Shake it off – how movement helps pain

Often times injury and pain is a result of over exercise and exertion on our bodies. These acute injuries require rest in order to improve, because of this we usually associate pain with a need to rest and take it easy. Chronic pain on the other hand is a different story. It can actually be…

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Stress Management

What exactly is stress? It presents itself in slightly different ways between people, yet is a universal feeling we can all relate to. Have you ever caught yourself wondering what exactly stress is, what it does to our bodies and how to best manage it? We’re making it our mission to help answer those questions….

Stop the CRAVIN’! A Substance Abuse Education, Prevention & Intervention Symposium

Explore the scope of opioid abuse and related substances that are affecting the local communities. The Symposium will feature speakers from local health care system, local and state law enforcement, and community-based organizations. Those who have been touched by this crisis and who are impacted in their daily personal and professional life will benefit from…

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Boost your Brain Power

In a world where we all seem to be on the go all the time, exhaustion and anxiety feel like they are running at an all time high. It is hard to process everything going on all at once, leading to forgetfulness and feeling overwhelmed. Luckily there are super simple ways to boost your brain…