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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions, we all seem to make these every year and while some are easy to follow through on, others fall by the wayside. We’ve put together some ways to help you stay dedicated to even the toughest New Years Resolution.

  1. Set a series of smaller more attainable goals: A lot of us lose the motivation to continue with our goals or resolutions because they take much longer to achieve than we planned for. By breaking the goal up into smaller chunks, it allows you to have that feeling of accomplishment earlier and more often. Which helps to keep you motivated for the long haul.
  2. Stay Specific: A common New Years resolution is to “get healthy”, this is a broad goal that can mean different things from person to person. A more specific goal would be to “workout 4 times a week.” Not only is this goal something you can check off, and feel proud of completing every week, it’s specific plan towards the goal of getting healthy.
  3. Publicize it: Tell someone about your goal. This will help hold you accountable as it’s harder to give up knowing there are people rooting for your success. You may also find someone with a similar goal, and can help motivate each other.
  4. Celebrate and Believe in yourself: Make time to celebrate your successes! Rewarding yourself will keep you looking forward to the next goal. Stay confident!

All of us at CCHC wish you and your family a healthy 2019!