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Hurricane Preparedness

This week our area of the North Carolina coast is being impacted by Hurricane Florence. Predicted to hit the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Thursday night or Friday morning. The storm will likely produce high winds, rough seas, and torrential rainfall, which will cause flooding on the coast due to the storm surge as well as inland freshwater flooding from heavy rain.

To minimize damage, determine your risk based on your location. If your along the cost, or live in an area effected by flooding do you have measures and materials in place to minimize / clean up damages. Keep an eye on the National Weather Service for the most up-to-date information on the storm, as well as if the state has issued any evacuation notices for your area. While the storm is still out at sea and is not directly affecting us, strong rip currents are still present along the coast. Be ware when surfing, swimming and boating that The National Weather Service in Morehead City recommends staying out of the water this week and over the weekend.

As always the most important part of preparing for a storm is staying up to date, listing to the National Weather Radio is a great option if there is a loss of power, or local news stations to know exactly how your area will be affected.




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