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Health after Hurricane

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence over the past week, watching our community come together and help each other is the epitome of what it means to be #newbernstrong. The selflessness of helping those in need with clean up efforts, food, cleaning supplies and other needs doesn’t go unrecognized during these times. Hurricane Florence left togetherness in her wake, it along with monitoring how yourself, your family and your neighbors are faring during this time and after is what will continue to rebuild a healthy and thriving New Bern.

Weathering the storm and seeing the damages can cause immense stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and distraught, as yourself and the community mourns the losses of buildings and sometimes lives. Feeling stressed or depressed is normal, as you and your family and friend get back on their feet. To help manage this stress remember that a natural disaster such as a hurricane is a one-and-done event. Once it has passed the rest is in your hands. Remember that assessing any damage to your home and yard and prioritizing fixes is the best way to make progress and organize what needs to be done. Start small and work to finish bigger tasks in order to start feeling a sense of accomplishment in your clean up efforts sooner. Connecting with neighbors to help clean up the street will not only make it look back to normal but also instill a sense of good feeling in yourself and others. Another great way to try and minimize stress is to re-establish a sense of routine. Even if this is just eating together at normal meal times, your body clock will thank you for this returned sense of normality. Don’t forget that you’re not going through this alone, the rest of the community is as well. Seeking out supportive friends and networks will help you express your feelings about what happened as well as know you’re not alone. With any kind of disaster there is a mourning process that follows. Allow yourself time and space to go through this process, as afterwards it will be easier to understand what happened and work towards recovery.

The road to recovering from Hurricane Florence is far from over, but already so much has been done to help those in need. Our New Bern and Eastern North Carolina community is resilient, by working together and looking out for one another as we go through this stressful time is the best way to ensure a healthy community both during and after rebuilding.



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