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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from all of us at CCHC!!

It’s the last official weekend of summer, and as we all head to the pool, beach, lake or to a great backyard barbecue, don’t put your health on the back burner. Here are some quick tips to make the most of your Labor Day celebrations!

  1. If you’re headed to the pool, check for check for Clean, Clear and Odorless water. You should be easily able to see the bottom of the pool easily and that there is no debris or algae floating around. Even though public pools are chlorinated, being able to smell strong chlorine orders means that the chemicals are out of balance. A safely maintained pool won’t have any strong odors.
  2. Check for lifeguards. Any body of water should have either lifeguards or ‘swim at your own risk’ signage visible to all people. If there is no lifeguard on duty make sure that someone is keeping an eye on the water at all times to prevent any water related incidents.
  3. Speaking of water, don’t forget to pack your cooler bag full of it!! Staying hydrated, especially if you’re spending time in the sun is vital to preventing heat related illnesses, and keeping the good times rolling!
  4. If the Labor Day party has you partaking in a few patriotic cocktails be sure to know your limit, stay properly hydrated (remember that cooler of water!!) and have a snack or meal with your drink. All of these help slow the release of alcohol in your system, but aren’t an accurate representation of monitoring your BAC. To keep yourself and others the safest on the roads this holiday weekend, always have a designated driver or use a ride sharing app such as Uber or Lyft.

The easiest way to have fun, is to stay safe!!! Happy Labor Day weekend!


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