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Dr. Michael Davis to retire from CCHC Coastal Internal Medicine and Cardiology

On July 27, 2016, Dr. Michael Davis will be retiring from Coastal Internal Medicine and Cardiology after 37 years of practicing medicine in the New Bern area. We are so happy for Dr. Davis because he is saying farewell to a fabulously successful career in internal medicine. In 1979, he joined Drs. Neil Bender, Ronald Preston, Rick Moore, George Beckwith, and John McQuade at Jones Medical Associates in Pollocksville. He graduated from the University of West Virginia Medical School and continued at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA for internship and residency training. Prior to joining Jones Medical Associates, he had just finished his duty as a lieutenant commander in the US Navy Medical Corps.

In 1979, Dr. Davis was among some of the first physicians, along with physicians at New Bern Internal Medicine, and New Bern Family Practice, who worked very hard to make Craven County Hospital (now CarolinaEast Health Systems) the premier health care delivery system that it has become today. On-call nights were every fourth night and every fourth weekend from 7:30am Friday to 8:00am Monday. It meant sleeping in the hospital, being in the ER and answering phone calls at all hours of the night. It meant no break between working a “normal week” beginning Monday morning until Friday evening. Dr. Davis has remained steadfast. He has a work ethic that has endured throughout his professional career.

In 1990, Dr. Ron Preston, Dr. John McQuade and Dr. Michael Davis created Coastal Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Several years later, they joined New Bern Internal Medicine, New Bern Family Practice and Twin Rivers Family Practice to become the founding partners of Coastal Carolina Health Care. Dr. Davis has always taken a sincere interest in the lives of his patients in a manner that has profoundly informed his plan of their care. His patients and their families love and trust him, so it is no surprise that as he says goodbye, lots of tears will no doubt be shed.

The early days of medicine are radically different, from a technical standpoint, from today’s world of electronic medical records and genomics, etc. But there are certain qualities that distinguish a medical technician from a superlative clinician. The clinician has not only mastered the science of medicine, but has understood the psychosocial milieu in which his patient lives. It is with this understanding that a doctor is most effective. For 37 years, Dr. Michael Davis has demonstrated what it is to be a fine human being, a superlative clinician, and, most importantly, someone who truly cared for the lives of the patients who entrusted their lives to him.

The Davis family has been such an important part of our families for nearly 40 years and we wish him the best always!

submitted by Dr. John F. McQuade, III