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Chef Curtis Aikens talks healthy eating & living

We had such a great time with Chef Curtis Aikens when he came to New Bern to discuss healthy eating and living as part of Novo Nordisk’s Diabetes Academy. It was such an honor to be selected as a presenter for this program and we were thrilled to share his philosophy and this opportunity with the people of New Bern.

Chef Aiken’s philosophy is simple: “You can love, you can eat, you can have fun in the kitchen… You can do just about anything you want – but you’ve got to be smart how you make it.” He says he has a healthy recipe for almost anything you’d want to eat, even desserts like banana pudding. Chef Aikens is familiar with the toll diabetes can play on your life. His own father lost his toe, then his foot and leg, and eventually, lost his life to diabetes. Aikens also battles diabetes every day. In stark contrast to his current healthy physique, Aikens once weighed over 400 pounds!

Aikens says he sees himself as a modern-day Johnny Appleseed. “Like he spread his apple trees, I want to spread the word that we can manage our diabetes, and love doing it.”

Novo Nordisk is proud to support educational programs that encourage healthy living and increase disease awareness, prevention, optimal treatment, and management in therapeutic areas of interest. Each year, they provide funding to hundreds of independent educational grants that provide continuing education to practicing health care professionals and those in training, as well as members of the community, patients, and their caregivers. >>CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Chef Curtis Aikens cooking Curtis Aikens cooking with groupDebbie Sutton and CEO Stephen NuckollsChef Curtis Aikens and Debbie SuttonChef Curtis Aikens