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CCHC Offers Pacemaker Approved for Use in Full-Body MRI Scans

Eluna ProMRI® enables the expansion of care through access to the world’s leading diagnostic imaging technology

New Bern, NC – Coastal Carolina Health Care announced today the availability of the BIOTRONIK Eluna ProMRI® pacemaker system, which was approved for use in full-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans by the FDA in March 2015. The first Eluna pacemaker in the Carolinas, was implanted today by Dr. Michael Casciello, Cardiologist at CCHC Heart and Vascular Specialists.

Each year, about a million patients receive a pacemaker implant1, adding to the 6.5 million pacemaker patients worldwide2. About 75 percent of patients who have an implantable cardiac device will need an MRI in their lifetime3. Until recently, most patients with a pacemaker were denied MRI scans due to concern that the strong magnetic fields and radio waves created by the MRI could have a negative effect on both the implanted device and the patient. This is the first available system that allows patients with single chamber pacing to receive MRI scans of the heart or thoracic cavity.

“MRIs are the gold standard for soft tissue diagnostics and tens of millions of scans are conducted annually in the U.S., making it a vitally important diagnostic tool that has proven clinical benefits,” said Dr. Casciello. “The likelihood that pacemaker patients will require an MRI at some point in their life increases with the aging population and this technology allows our patients to continue to receive the top-quality care that they have come to expect. ProMRI is the latest technology on the market.”

The Eluna ProMRI system is the first pacemaker to allow for patient to record their heart rhythm when they have symptoms. It is is accompanied by automatic wireless daily remote monitoring which allows physicians to efficiently deliver the highest level of care by managing their patients’ status through early detection of cardiovascular events.

Patients interested in learning more about the Eluna ProMRI system can contact Dr.Casciello at CCHC Heart and Vascular Specialists, or visit BIOTRONIK.

The providers at CCHC Heart and Vascular Specialists urge you to be aware of any unusual heart symptoms you may have—don’t wait for them to get worse. The earlier a patient receives medical assistance, the greater his or her chance of survival.

For more information on keeping your heart healthy or to schedule an appointment to discuss any heart concerns you may have, contact the caring providers of CCHC Heart and Vascular Specialists at 252-63-HEART (634-3278).