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CCHC COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Updated 1/18/2021

Who is CCHC vaccinating?

We are now vaccinating our patients in Group 2 (ages 65 and up); our volunteer staff will contact you when it’s time for you to receive your vaccine.

CCHC is inviting eligible individuals who are at highest risk of developing serious complications using text messages and phone calls. CCHC generated a list ranking patients ages 65 and up from highest risk to lowest risk. Appointments are very limited at this time and we are contacting patients as vaccines become available. We appreciate your patience as we all work together to ensure vaccine is available to everyone in the community as quickly and safety as possible, while following state and federal guidelines and timelines. For an overview of the phases please visit the NC DHHS Covid-19 Vaccination Infographic

Should I call my doctor’s office or the CCHC corporate office to schedule?

No, we will contact you to schedule your vaccine appointment. Our offices do not have the ability to schedule your appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, we encourage you to provide your cell phone number and register for a Follow My Health account if you have not already. This allows for convenient communication with our team.

How can I make an appointment for vaccination? 

We will text you when it’s time for you to receive your vaccine. If you do not have the ability to receive text messages, our volunteer staff will call you.

Are appointments required to receive the vaccine?

Yes, appointments are required to receive the vaccine from CCHC.

What should I do on the day of my appointment?

  • Wear short sleeves if possible
  • Wear a mask

Are drive-up vaccination options available?

Not at this time.

Is there a wait list?

No, there is not a wait list.

FAQ Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine: