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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means it’s a great time to get educated on the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women world wide. Chances are cancer in some type has directly or indirectly touched all of us. Breast Cancer specifically is predicted to be diagnosed of 1 in every 8 women at some point in their lifetime. Not all to do with breast cancer is negative though, one of the positives is that the National Breast Cancer Foundation has data to support that the number of deaths due to breast cancer has been declining since 1990. This is due to the fact that there is a greater awareness and support of breast cancer victims, early detection among women has become a priority, as well as our methods of screening, and treatment options have continued to get better and better.

Early detection is the best method when it comes to diagnosing and surviving Breast Cancer. Women aged 50 and older should begin getting mammograms at least every two years combined with a normal breast exam. You know your breast tissue best, and even though not all lumps and bumps are cancer, if you notice a persistent lump it is always smart to have it looked at by a doctor. It is hard to know what the exact cause of breast cancer cases are, and while having a family history does increase your risk, many women are diagnosed without having any family history of the disease. Which is why screening and early detection are so important. The sooner any type of cancer is diagnosed the better. Talk to the women in your family and make sure they are putting their breast health first.

The month of October will be filled with tons of ways to get out and support breast cancer research, from 5k races to sporting pink ribbons, we don’t walk alone in the fight to cure cancer. Spread awareness, and show your support this October and all throughout the year!